Bard Graduate Center


Bard Graduate Center is a complex insti­tu­tion com­pris­ing an MA/​PhD program, an exhi­bi­tion program, ongoing events, pub­li­ca­tions, a mul­ti­me­dia Research Forum, and a library. To address this com­plex­ity, we designed a website that would reveal itself in “stacked” fashion, a sort of visual bread­crumb trail indi­cat­ing hierarchy and the visitor’s present location within the site. The homepage and the nav­i­ga­tion, the latter sim­pli­fied to the main pillars of the BGC, exist on the bot­tom­most level, and the nav­i­ga­tion slides the entire site down when activated so as to maintain the illusion. Each pillar appears as a second layer, and suc­ces­sive pages appear on top of that, and so on.

The homepage and each landing page have a strict square grid system for dis­play­ing the mul­ti­tudes of content, all of which are color-​coded to their respec­tive section. Within these grids are sil­hou­et­ted items from the exhi­bi­tion archive, surfacing relevant objects of study or of current relevance to the Center’s programs.