SVA MA Design Research/​D-​Crit


I had the pleasure of working with the MA Design Research (née D-​Crit) program at the School of Visual Arts on several projects over the years, including the main site post-​transition and several iter­a­tions of microsites for their annual con­fer­ence and Summer Intensive program.

The main site was designed in literal fly-​across-​the-​country close col­lab­o­ra­tion with then-​director Alice Twemlow alongside the new name and identity for the program and featured an all-​new structure that fore­fronted research projects from current students and alumni, giving both the students’ works and ideas exposure, and helping give meaning to the nature and cur­ricu­lum of the program to prospec­tive students. This was paired with a gen­er­a­tive grid of other infor­ma­tion from the archive, bright colors, and irrev­er­ent illus­tra­tions. (Research can be fun too.)