Art in the Age of the Internet


ICA Boston’s Art in the Age of the Internet exhi­bi­tion posited five unique per­spec­tives for under­stand­ing our modern digital world: “Networks and Circulation,” “Hybrid Bodies,” “Virtual Worlds,” “States of Surveillance,” and “Performing the Self.”

In designing the accom­pa­ny­ing exhi­bi­tion site, we created five different expe­ri­ences for each of the themes that pulled from various data sources: the latest open source images cir­cu­lat­ing on Wikimedia Commons, real-​time data on life/​population sta­tis­tics, the location and IP of other visitors to the site mapped on a globe, a live feed of the gallery, and an “avatar” space where visitors can move freely and see the movements of past visitors.

Typographically, the site puts a twist on default web-​safe fonts and web type­set­ting in general — Courier for the text but with the serifs lopped off, and an uncon­ven­tional mono­spaced Didone for headings.

User data visible to the server is displayed in a ticker at the top of each page, exposing technical process in the form of HTTP requests. (None of which was logged, by principle.)