Front International: An American City

Identity & website

Front International is an art triennial taking place at locations all over the city of Cleveland. For its first iteration, we developed an identity system that combined a large “F” (intro­duc­ing the Front orga­ni­za­tion to the city) with a striped flag motif that hinted towards the title and theme—An American City.

The mark, while ever-​changing, serves not just as branding but as a signpost for the variety of venues hosting the triennial; it’s visible from a distance and, as wayfind­ing of sorts, legible even without text.

When appro­pri­ate, blunt, bold text set in Paul Renner’s Plak announces both the title and the name of any par­tic­u­lar venue or event without pretense. Perhaps cheekily, but appro­pri­ately, all other text is set in Grilli Type’s GT America.