Para Site


Para Site, the pre­em­i­nent Hong Kong art space, desired to better showcase the doc­u­men­ta­tion of their prolific output and bring their web presence in line with modern standards.

To do this while main­tain­ing a sense of their fast- and ever-​evolving, rough-​hewn aesthetic, we designed and developed a spartan website with minimal branding, a hidden nav­i­ga­tion menu, tolerance for overlap, and large-​scale interface elements in close proximity with an organic and freeform feel, leading to unex­pected juxtapositions.

The typog­ra­phy is similarly spartan. Taking a cue from both the aesthetic of the logomark and the name itself, broken-​off pieces of the logomark are randomly inserted into the text, “infecting” certain char­ac­ters and unifying the text and Para Site identity, which formally as an insti­tu­tion has no fixed typo­graphic palette.