The archi­tec­ture practice of WORKac is provoca­tive and playful, and as such the redesign of their website needed to reflect that as much as it showcased their decades of work.

The homepage is a ran­dom­ized field of projects floating ever upwards, windows into the projects cropped to the various shapes defined by the WORKac identity system. A pseudo-​screensaver of sorts, giving a glimpse of the practice as a whole, but inter­ac­tive and linking into the projects them­selves. While random, frequency, spacing, and speed were carefully tweaked and con­strained to certain parameters.

Projects are displayed within the entire dimen­sions of the browser, with the nav­i­ga­tional elements changing in accor­dance with the image or media displayed. There are no dead ends; when the images of one project end, a new project appears — an infinite loop through the studio’s practice over time.