Identity, collateral & website

NXTHVN is an artist-​run studio space, per­for­mance venue, coworking space, and residency program located and firmly rooted in the community of the Dixwell neigh­bor­hood of New Haven.

Tasked with designing an identity for something so mul­ti­fac­eted — an identity that needed to be applied simply and easily to a variety of both surfaces and pro­gram­ming — we took one of cofounder Titus Kaphar’s initial direc­tives to heart: it needed to be smart, but ulti­mately “it needs to look cool on a T-shirt.”

Realizing the symmetry in the name, we chose François Rappo’s typeface Theinhardt — sharp, sturdy, and “cool” but not pre­ten­tious — as the basis for which to extend the terminals of the bookends. This would allow it to stretch to cover a large canvas, and contract to any sta­tionery or ephemera being produced over time.

It also has the benefit of extending in another way, through patterns. Multiple logotypes can be locked together, building on each other to create near-​psychedelic patterns using, para­dox­i­cally, rigid modern forms and no color.