Ballroom Marfa

Website & type design

Ballroom Marfa being a unique des­ti­na­tion as much as an art space, inspi­ra­tion for the design of their website ulti­mately came from the building itself — a former dancehall from the 1920s with a subtly mul­ti­lay­ered white façade.

This layering is present in the virtual phys­i­cal­ity of the website — the homepage on the left, then a “raised” central nav­i­ga­tion bar/​information area (with depres­sions indi­cat­ing content hierarchy), and finally the content of the site on the right. All of which easily navigable through awareness of the spacial presence of these elements.

Just as the “real” façade appears to shift in color depending on the desert sky, so too does the website, with each indi­vid­ual program page taking on the hues of its images via JavaScript image processing.

Also unique to the building is the hand-​crafted typog­ra­phy of its sign. Taking inspi­ra­tion from it, it was extrap­o­lated into a full character set for both text and display, made available as an open source font, and used through­out the site.