Buffalo AKG Art Museum


Reopening in 2022 with a new OMA-​designed addition, Albright-​Knox Art Gallery needed a new identity to go along with their new name — Buffalo AKG Art Museum.

While the length and inter­min­gled acronym both posed a challenge, we decided to embrace them in a typographically-​driven approach that uses uncon­ven­tional, alternate-​universe forms for the A, K, and G in a custom typeface based on Neuzeit and similar classic grotesques. As AKG has a very robust and active editorial marketing team, these alternate forms could then be used through­out com­mu­ni­ca­tions wherever the letters appeared, and ingrain the identity in the messaging itself.

With enthu­si­asm for the direction, we col­lab­o­rated with Christian Schwartz of Commercial Type to then create a custom, from-​scratch AKG Sans that updated the Neuzeit forms for con­sis­tency with the alter­nates and a more con­tem­po­rary feel.

The main logotype is always paired with an AKG mark with variable punc­tu­a­tion attached, adding a playful element that can be used in context to denote anything from curiosity (“AKG?”) to their social media presence (“#AKG”) to bilingual pro­gram­ming (“¡AKG!”).