Garden of Six Seasons


Garden of Six Seasons was an exhi­bi­tion exploring the idea of a world seen and under­stood from innu­mer­able angles, from innu­mer­able cultures, with innu­mer­able histories, and all the swirling tech­no­log­i­cal and bio­log­i­cal questions that entails. If I can summarize the creative brief in a single phrase, it was “fever dream.”

With a mandate to express this in the exhibition’s identity, I combined two sets of typefaces with similar pro­por­tions but wildly different aes­thet­ics. One, Signal Compressed by Emmanuel Besse, is bold, sober, and straight­for­ward. The second, Digestive by James Edmondson, is a psy­che­delic, idio­syn­cratic typeface that pushes leg­i­bil­ity. Paired with matching Chinese typefaces and sliced in half, these combine to express competing visual languages, and offer a oppor­tu­nity to place disparate images (some the artworks, some sourced from elsewhere) directly adjacent to each other, touching, inter­act­ing, and sug­gest­ing con­nec­tions beyond the scope of the exhi­bi­tion itself that ulti­mately serve to further its message, ideas, and influence.