Art in the Age of the Internet, 1989 to Today


Institute of Contemporary Art Boston



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Case study

ICA Boston’s Art in the Age of the Internet exhibition posited five unique perspectives for understanding our modern digital world: “Networks and Circulation,” “Hybrid Bodies,” “Virtual Worlds,” “States of Surveillance,” and “Performing the Self.”

In designing the accompanying exhibition site, we created five different experiences for each of the themes that pulled from various data sources: the latest open source images circulating on Wikimedia Commons, real-time data on life/population statistics, the location and IP of other visitors to the site mapped on a globe, a live feed of the gallery, and an “avatar” space where visitors can move freely and see the movements of past visitors.

Typographically, the site puts a twist on default web-safe fonts and web typesetting in general — Courier for the text but with the serifs lopped off, and an unconventional monospaced Didone for headings.

User data visible to the server is displayed in a ticker at the top of each page, exposing technical process in the form of HTTP requests.